They talk about Les Assises de la Securité

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A UK delegation came to visit our french event during the 2017 edition

Here are some of their thoughts about our concept

"I found the event to be a delightful change for the better.  The event is both disruptive and immersive, offering a high degree of effective communication and networking with senior representatives from the suppliers and vendors we want to work with present and readily available to us. Travel time, connectivity and local time differences did not impact my business needs and I do, and will, recommend it to others."

Jim Griffiths, Head of Information Security, Kier Group

“It is well organised and gives a sense of something different. It works very well, delegates continue to be fresh after day one.”

Alexandra Payne, Head of Global Security Services, AstraZeneca plc

“It’s a fantastic venue and industry-leading in bringing thought leaders together, sharing best practice and future concepts. It’s great to have all best-in-class vendors in single place at one time, to compare.”

Jim Mulheron, MD, Global IT Risk, Deutsche Bank