They are talking about Cyber Security Connect UK

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What a huge success UK Connect was! So glad I was able to participate."

Michele Hanson, CISO, Gatwick Airport


We thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and felt very lucky to be invited. It was also so refreshing to be able to talk to vendors without the standard forced sales format.

We intend to work with the new suppliers that we met and build better relationships with our existing ones. Thanks again."

John Paton, Global Security Architect, TR Fastenings


Thank you for hosting the best vendor/client event I have attended. I developed useful contacts through the workshops and stand visits. Over and above making useful contacts, I received a great education, keeping me on the front foot. Thanks again."

Andrew Gudgeon, Head of Operational Risk Oversight: Cyberspace, Resilience and Transformation, Nationwide


I think it went really well and I certainly got a lot from it. I don't attend many events because they are often vendor driven and you spend most of the event fending off unwanted advances, but this was exactly the right type of environment to have those grown-up conversations."

Steve Byrne, Information Security Officer, DWF LLP