Experts opinion on cyber

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CyberSecurity Connect UK is at the heart of the cyber community and cyber sector. Discover here the words of cyber experts.

Trends in cyber security

"We have an ever-increasing amount of data that people are processing, we have an ever increasing amount of devices that people are using to access that information, we have an ever expanding network that we are trying to protect
A results of this mass expansion of information, of devices, of networks are regulations that are coming in to force us to maintain and manage this expanding amount of information."

David Cripps, Independent CISO

Challenges in cyber security

"I think the key challenges facing the industry are around speed and scale so cyber is important in terms of managing the volume of data that organizations need to process quickly in a very short space of time"

Denis fischbacher-Smith, Research Professor, University of Glasgow

Cyber Security Connect UK: Why you should attend

"The benefits of attending Cybersecurity Connect UK are having those like-minded CISOs of a similar level to have those intelligent discussions both among your peers but also not being the most senior person there that just gets picked up on by every vendor who targets you which is what happens on a lot of UK events"

Paul Simmonds, CEO, Global Identity Foundation