The Organisers

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This new event for the UK cyber security community will be based on the successful concept of Les Assises de la Sécurité, held in France each October for the past 18 years. Organised by DG Consultants in association with SASIG, this is a partnership of leading industry experts.


DG Consultants is a subsidiary of Comexposium, a European leader in event organisation. Founded in 1997, DG Consultants specialises in the IT market and has developed Les Assises de la Sécurité, a unique business meeting concept.

Created in 2000, Les Assises has become the leading event for the French security community, attracting thousands of IS directors, CISOs, DP directors and BU decision makers from major enterprises across the whole range of industries in both the public and private sectors.

 Further information on Les Assises is available HERE


Established in 2004, The Security Awareness Special Interest Group (SASIG) is a subscription-free networking forum with membership representing hundreds of organisations of all sizes from across the world and from all sectors, public and private.

SASIG has established itself as a leading and credible voice of the corporate sector in the great information assurance and cyber security debate. Its membership is drawn exclusively from CSOs, CISOs, SIROs, DSOs and their staff with responsibility for security within their organisations, together with academics, government and professional bodies. The Chatham House Rule is strictly enforced and universally respected at the 35+ meetings that it runs each year, and vendors and the Press are routinely excluded; thus the level of debate is extraordinarily revealing and rewarding.

 Further information on SASIG is available HERE


Over the past 187 years DG Consultants have mastered the organisation of the efficient and successful Les Assises concept, providing events of the highest standard. Bringing this concept to the UK audience, SASIG builds upon the trusted relationships it has built over the years with the UK's major IT security thought leaders, academics, government, C-Level end-users, CISOs and CIOs, ensuring the content at the event’s various round tables and workshops is aligned with audience needs and expectations.