Travel terms & conditions

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The Refund conditions

Partners’ Cyber Security Connect UK : 
The booking platform guarantees you will benefit from a fastest refund process from our end. Your trip is at your expense and has no refund.

Cyber Security Connect UK Delegates : 

DG Consultants will refund delegates' air transportation expenses up to a maximum of €200 (approx £180) per person, including taxes.

Reimbursement procedure

  • After Cyber Security Connect UK, log into your private space and answer our post-event survey. Fill in your reimbursement request before 06/12/2019
  • This reimbursement file is compulsory and must be completed between 18/11/2019 and 06/12/2019.
  • 2 options of reimbursement are possible:
  • Option 1 : We encourage you to take your flight ticket from your private area for a quick an easiest reimbursement up to 200 euros. Reimbursements will begin on 20/12/2019. We will refund the credit card used for the payment
  • Option 2: You can also book your flight by your own means. After answering our post-event survey, you will need to fill in the refund request on your Cyber Security Connect private area (invoice and bank account details). Reimbursements will begin in January. We will refund your flight expenses by bank transfer.

Reimbursement conditions

  • Up to €200 (approx £180) can be reimbursed for your travel arrangements.
  • You must have effectively attended Cyber Security Connect UK 2019.
  • Having read and accepted the general conditions of participation for delegates
  • Reimbursement is reserved to UK delegates. Employees, spouses, consultants and experts do not qualify.
  • Plane tickets ordered on our booking platform or by your own means will be reimbursed.
  • Parking tickets, mileage, taxi, bus, helicopter fares are not reimbursed.

 In case of force majeure that prevent a delegate  from attending Cyber Security Connect UK, DG Consultants will refund delegate' transportation expenses up to a maximum of €200 (approx £180) per person including taxes, if the following condition is met:

- You must submit by post to DG Consultants -5/7 rue de l'Amiral Courbet 94160 St Mandé- any document confirming your inability to attend Cyber Security Connect UK no later than 01/12/2019. If this condition is met, DG Consultants will send you - by credit card or bank transfer - reimbursement of your transportation expenses, up to €200 (approx £180) per person, taxes included.