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Cyber Security Connect UK is the go-to gathering, dedicated solely to the UK cyber security industry. This exclusive annual event brings together qualified and handpicked CISOs and decision-makers to meet and network with their peers and selected major supply-side organisations. It includes:

• High-level content : an opening conference, keynotes, expert' roundtables and partner workshops

• Networking among key strategic players from the cyber security industry (lunches and evening events)

• Prescheduled and targeted one-to-one meetings with selected IT security solutions and service providers

• Monaco’s exclusive setting and first class service 

The third edition of Cyber Security Connect UK will be taking place from Monday 8th November to Wednesday 10th November 2021.

Until then, let’s keep in touch on twitter : @CSConnect 


A look back on the first edition of Cyber Security Connect



Cyber Security Connect UK is a state-of-the-art three-day event, which brings together a community of handpicked experts and qualified consumers/delegates, in a professional setting that facilitates the interaction. Delegates have the opportunity to participate in a particularly active learning experience. They will hear directly from industry leaders about the latest problematics and threats and how to integrate innovative security solutions and preventative measures to their businesses.



Cyber Security Connect UK is an event made for UK’s top companies’ decision-makers to meet among like-minded CISOs from organisations in all the sectors and industries in order to find solutions for their current needs and launch new projects. 

This private event is accessed by invitation only and is hosted exclusively for over 300 qualified, hand-picked delegates to meet among peers that share their values. They participate alongside like-minded industry leaders so that together they can learn about the best-practices to set forth in order to address their cyber security challenges with the latest solutions and preventative measures.

With the presence of 40 organisations that constitute the top echelons of the cyber security supply, services and technologies, this is the place to be for CISOs seeking to establish meaningful relationships with qualified experts as a result of well-prepared meetings that live up to the expectations on both ends/sides.



Cyber Security Connect UK is the perfect occasion for partner organisations to engage fully with CISOs, decision-makers and budget-keepers from the top UK companies, ready to kick-start new cyber security measures. This is a unique networking opportunity due to the high quality of the participants and the intimate interaction between the CISOs and the Partners. The one 1-O-1 meeting framework is what truly differentiates Cyber Security Connect UK from all other UK security events, giving it significant added value. These qualified C-level decision-makers are able to have consecutive face-to-face meetings with the Partners of their interest, all on the same day and place.

The Forum reunites 40 state-of-the-art security solutions and service providers. The Delegates are qualified according to their need to launch new projects, with the end-goal of enhancing their cyber security measures. They come fully-prepared with pre-determined lists of the potential providers they are interested in working with as well as their operational requirements. This makes it easier for the Partners to identify the current needs to match them with the potential solutions needed to address them.

The Forum’s atmosphere makes it so that participants are highly engaged in taking part in a rich agenda of: Partner solutions and services presentations, extensive dialogue, both formal and informal ongoing networking, exhibitions, workshops and pre-scheduled 1:1 meetings.


The Grimaldi Forum fulfills all the requirements that make this an unforgettable and unique networking experience, incomparable to any events currently organised on the UK mainland. The easy accessibility of the venues through shuttle transportation services makes transit effortless. This iconic location turns the focus on business development without any needless interruptions.