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Cyber Security Connect UK is the go-to meeting dedicated to the UK cyber security industry. It is the major event of the year that allows qualified and hand-picked C-level decision makers to meet and network with their peers and selected major supply-side organisations. It comprise:

• High-level content, including a conference opening, keynotes, experts' round tables and partner workshops

• Networking among key strategic players from the cyber security industry (lunches and evening events)

• Prescheduled and targeted one-to-one meetings with selected IT security solutions and service providers

• Exceptional environment and services located in Monaco


The next edition of Cyber Security Connect will be held from Wednesday 13 to Friday 15 November 2019 !

Until then, let’s connect on twitter : @CSConnect 


A look back on the first edition of Cyber Security Connect



Cyber Security Connect UK brings thought leaders together to discuss and understand what other businesses are doing and where the industry is going, within a trusted network of those of the right calibre for these meaningful discussions to enjoy real impact. Delegates will be educated, informed and entertained by the agenda and content on offer.

By attending Cyber Security Connect UK, guests will hear stories from the real world, with deep insight and up-and-coming ideas and technologies that they can take back to their businesses.



Cyber Security Connect UK is the place for decision makers within the security industry to meet their peers and like-minded CISOs from organisations of all sectors and industries to discuss strategy and how the industry can move forward.

With over 300 qualified, hand-picked and hosted delegates attending by invitation only, this unique event is for those who share the same values, participating together in thought leadership and good practice to address the cyber security community's challenges and opportunities.

With 40 partner organisations representing the top echelons of the cyber security supply, services and technical solutions arenas, this is the place for CISOs to create real relationships with those suppliers they actually want to meet. All meetings are very well prepared, and expectations set and understood.



Cyber Security Connect UK is a unique opportunity for partner organisations to engage fully with CISOs. The quality and intimacy of the interaction between CISOs and partners is what makes Cyber Security Connect UK different from other UK security events. The C-level decision-makers will have one-on-one conversations with partners they are actually seeking to engage with.

The forum gathers 40 best-in-class security solutions and service providers in a single place. Delegates come prepared with comprehensive dossiers of the work they are currently considering, their operational requirements, and the future strategy for security within their businesses. This allows partners to really appreciate what each guest's current challenges are, as well as understand what their issues will be in the future.

The relaxed environment of the event allows partners to present to the guests their different solutions and services through a meaningful dialogue, during networking, at the exhibition, and during the workshops and 1to1 meetings.


The Grimaldi Forum in Monaco has everything needed for this unique conference. We offer a fresh new concept for the UK audience. Accessible transport links make Monaco more accessible to the UK audience than many parts of the UK mainland. This iconic location allows everyone to focus on the issues of the day without interruption.