A French look at Cyber Security Connect UK - Part 1

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Fabrice de Basio, Chief Group Information Officer of ASL Aviation Holdings
A few French CISOs attended the first edition of Cyber Security Connect UK. We asked them about the event and how they view the work of British CISOs. Although their opinions differ somewhat on this second point, all really appreciated the opportunity to talk with their British counterparts.

Fabrice de Blasio, Chief Group Information Officer of ASL Aviation Holdings answer our questions:

1. English/French CISOs: Are they very different?

Basically, the French and English do have a different approach. The British have a very hierarchical and procedural organisation with very strict processes, especially for rights management. This approach has its advantages; for one thing, it prevents blunders. But everything falls apart when there is an unexpected problem. On the other hand, the French are perhaps less organised and take a wait-and-see attitude, as shown by our reaction to the GDPR, which was better apprehended by the British. But we are "more adaptable" and are likely to respond faster when problems arise. However, the military planning law and the creation of OES have helped structure procedures in France. 

2. What advice can CISOs on either side of the Channel give each other?

To the English, I would say: Think outside the box and try to be a little more flexible. To the French: Be more organised and try to go to Top Management. This makes it easier to understand the company strategy

3. Why come to CSC UK?

I was interested in seeing what our British counterparts do, and I find that they have a good knowledge of their profession. More generally, it’s important that we talk with each other, especially since I work in an international company registered in Ireland. We can all learn from each other.