A French look at Cyber Security Connect UK - Part 2

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Alain Bouillé
A few French CISOs attended the first edition of Cyber Security Connect UK. We asked them about the event and how they view the work of British CISOs. Although their opinions differ somewhat on this second point, all really appreciated the opportunity to talk with their British counterparts

Alain Bouillé is the DP Director at Groupe Caisse des Dépôts and Chairman of CESIN. He and Olivier Ligneul participated in a round-table with British CISOs.

"I don’t see much difference between British and French CISOs. The differences are actually more sector based than between professionals themselves. And of course, there are differences between CISOs of major groups and those who work in smaller structures. Of CESIN’s 450 members, there are no two alike!

If we look for differences between the two countries, it might be in where CISOs are positioned within their companies. In Britain, CISOs are still very closely linked to IT and the IS department. They are more focused on the technology than in France where they are more strategy focused.

An event like CSC UK provides an opportunity to meet the SASIG community and see how we might establish links between their members and CESIN. We have a lot to learn about profiles, hierarchy, etc.”