Rate of change identified as key challenge for UK cyber security by experts

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Professionals from the cyber security industry have identified the rate of change, not only in regard to the variety and nature of attacks but also ...

when considering regulation and legislation within the sector, as one of the biggest current threats to cyber security in the UK.
The challenges were identified by leading industry experts discussing the current status of UK cyber security in the run up to Cyber Security Connect UK, (CSCUK), the leading conference and industry forum for CISOs.
The number of businesses reporting cyber-attacks has increased and the cost to UK businesses has been recorded as being in excess of £17 billion a year. With this in mind, clear identification of the biggest threats to the UK’s Cyber Security is seen as key to ongoing protection from the consequences of breaches. Other key threats identified during the discussions were the need for ongoing employee engagement and education, as well as AI and machine learning being used by criminal organisations.

This will be one of the key areas covered here